Hands on CPD trainers

Under the Government's initiative, supported by Computing At School (CAS) , there is a requirement for all schools to teach Computing from the youngest ages. A fair number of schools don't have the training and the resources to deliver this effectively at this point in time.

We offer CPDs in a variety of Computing-related topics, led by an experienced CAS Master Teacher Darren Travi and an author/presenter Ilia Avroutine.

This page serves as a brief reference on what we offer.We offer practical courses in Python, starting from the very basics, all the way to Year 13 projects, as well as JavaScript and SQL. Additionally, we offer theory, both GCSE and A level, as per latest specifications used by exam boards.

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Trusted educational professionals, Darren and Ilia have been giving confidence and resources to teachers for over five years, benefiting multiple pupil cohorts across the country and beyond.

Two experienced trainers will help with you with practical hands-on skills and plenty of resources. Teaching GCSE Computer Science since it came out and implementing all the successive specs to come since the first pilot course has given us the experience that’s needed to prioritise and target our resources and advice.

We are full-time teachers and we understand what it is like for a non-specialist teacher (or even a specialist one) grappling with the new additions to the curriculum and all the teaching and logistical workload.  We are here to tell you – it’s not easy but it’s definitely doable, and we would like to show you how!

Through our association with textbook publishing (Hodder’s, Cambridge University Press) and a leading exam board, we can see the big picture and usually ahead of the curve when it comes to preparing and delivering even the most challenging material.
We create and give away plenty of resources and contribute on social media, including CAS forum and Facebook to support other teachers and we do some training in our spare time on mostly cost-recovery basis to justify the time away from our families.