This course has been designed to not only teach the fundamentals of programming but also to focus on how these can be delivered in the classroom. There will be two workshops: one aimed at beginners, and the other at intermediate and more-advanced programmers.

  • Date: 22/07/2019 09:30 - 26/07/2019 16:30
  • Location: 100 Marylebone Lane, London, UK (Map)
  • More Info: (entrance at 9 Bulstrode Street), London, W1U 2QB

Price: £500

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The cost for the week's course is £500, or £130 per day.

Delegates need to state which workshop they are planning to attend.

For each of the workshops, we request that delegates bring their own laptop computer upon which is installed Python Programming Software 3.4 or later, PyQt 4 or later, and the SQL lite database browser software.

Day 1 - Introduction to Python programming at Key Stage 3
Input / output and assignment
Selection and nested selection
Teacher skills audit, and strategies to leverage existing ICT knowledge
Iteration and looping constructs – While / And / For loops
Graphics with Turtle (Python’s version of Logo)

Day 2 - GCSE Overview; understanding programming
Creating user interfaces; validation; formatted output
Arrays; dictionaries; data manipulation; files
Advanced variable assignment; data types; selection

Day 3 - Advanced skills: identifying the key characteristics of pupil success at GCSE
String manipulation vs list operations
Use of functions and passing parameters
Advanced Python: csv / flatfile / relational data storage and persistence

Day 4 - Moving into A Level
Use of modular top-down programming
Use of classes / object oriented programming
Creating relational databases and queries with SQL
Visual SQL tools for ERD design

Day 5 - Advanced Python skills for A Level
Developing the GUI frameworks: Tkinter / drag-and-drop PyQT
Navigation of multiple forms; interfaces with built-in validation
Advanced OOP using Class definition; inheritance; polymorphism
Tips and hints on coursework administration, the write-up and ensuring that deadlines are met