The skills and confidence to teach an interesting and engaging programming curriculum leading up to A-level. Lots of lesson ideas with code/solutions, proven schemes of work. A set of common guidelines for coursework at all levels + coursework ideas. Day 1 - Introduction to Python Programming at Key Stage 3 • Input / output and assignment • Selection and nested selection • Teacher skills audit and strategies to leverage existing ICT knowledge • Iteration and looping constructs – while and for loops • Graphics with Turtle (Python’s version of Logo) Day 2 - GCSE Overview and Understanding Programming • Creating user interfaces, validation, formatted output • Arrays, dictionaries, data manipulation, files • Advanced variable assignment, data types, selection Day 3 - Advanced Skills: Identifying the key characteristics of pupil success at GCSE • String manipulation vs list operations • Use of functions and passing parameters • Advanced Python: csv/flatfile/relational data storage and persistence Day 4 - Moving into A-level • Use of modular top-down programming • Use of classes / object oriented programming • Creating relational databases and queries with SQL • Visual SQL tools for ERD design Day 5 Advanced Python Skills for A level • Developing the GUIframeworks: Tkinter / drag-and-drop PyQT • Navigation of multiple forms / Interfaces with built-in validation • Advanced OOP using Class definition, inheritance, polymorphism • Tips and hints on coursework administration and the write-up and ensuring deadlines are met Booking Details

  • Date: 27/07/2020 09:00 - 31/07/2020 05:00
  • Location: Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe HP13 6QT, UK (Map)

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