Covers the challenging content pupils struggle with: the computational-thinking and algorithms paper of any examination board. Focusses on the teaching strategies for the technical topics involved in the new specifications. Shows how algorithms can be approached with confidence, working through all key programming constructs. Also covers other material such as Boolean logic, programming techniques and methodologies. Ideally suited to those who have taught GCSE Computing or who are considering doing so for the first time. Lots of resources to help them through the first year of teaching the course.

  • Date: 15/02/2019 09:30
  • Location: Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, UK (Map)

Price: £160

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Session 1: Overview of the course
Overview of the course - assessment and introduction

Session 2: Algorithms and Programming Paper
Effective algorithms using pseudocode and flowchart, covering the programming constructs of assignment, selection, iteration, strings, functions and arrays, making it visual and keeping it fun.
Binary, linear searches; bubble, merge and insertion sorting.

Session 3: Review of examination
A look at a selection of the most-challenging questions that pupils are going to be asked, and how to approach them.