18 Nov

Flowgorithm is an amazing program that introduces pupils to the computational thinking in algorithms. Drag and drop flowchart creation which can actually run with input and output, has a debugging mode, variables watch and it can also generate code in many programming languages, e.g. Python, which is straight copy+paste to IDLE to run (just watch out for casting, have to use ToString(i) when printing out output. It will also do pseudocode. The official site is http://www.flowgorithm.org/.

Oh, and it is also free and has a portable version that can run off a USB stick or network folder with some permissions set. (Portable version is here).

The problems? Yes, there are some compromises.

  • Doesn't support global variables
  • Only supports one dimensional arrays
  • Functions return only 1 variable
  • Only runs on Windows...

About the last limitation - as it's a single file, it is possible now to run it on a Mac/Linux under Wine (Windows Emulator) which is free. See the instructions for setting up a Windows-only game in High Sierra but the same steps apply to Flowgorithm here.

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