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Thoughts in teaching Computer Science

Use Python to create a subfolder structure from a 2-column CSV file (only tested on Windows)

Organise your and your pupils revision with folders that correspond to the syllabus. Enclosed are: a csv file with section/subsection names which are concatenated to form folders, the file has a general outline of J276 OCR Computer Science but will work with any CSV with 2 columns without any objectionable characters Sample folders created

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Pseudocode practice, KS3-4, the first 70 exercises with answers

This is the first 70 algorithm problems (with solutions, as well) from the set that we use in our CPD - we have 100 problems in the CPD one. This should get your pupils started and well under way into their algorithmic thinking.

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How to introduce programming?

Regardless of the language syntax, be it Python, Visual Basic, Java or Scratch, most of the techniques used to manipulate data are remarkably similar. Learn to recognise and teach them, regardless of the language or pupil's coding experience.

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How to manage the workload of teaching Computing?

A few tips on keeping sane when everything around you isn't.

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